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How does the queuing system work?

In addition to getting in line at Motor Vehicle in person, you can also check-in online through our website. Note: If the estimated wait time exceeds our hours of operation (M-F 7:30 am-4:00 pm), you will not be able to check-in online until the following business day or until the line reopens again to the public.

What is the line management, or queuing system?

Both Motor Vehicle locations offer a new line queuing system that provides customers more intuitive options to waiting in line by delivering line status updates through cell phone text messages. With this new system, customers will be able to check-in and then they will be free to continue with all of their other daily activities without the hassle and anxiety of waiting at Motor Vehicle. By improving the line management system, Johnson County is looking to provide a more positive customer experience at Motor Vehicle.

Where can I find the Motor Vehicle Tag Offices?

There are currently two office locations for Johnson County residents to process their vehicle registrations/titling. There is one at Mission and at Olathe.