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When will I know if I am selected for an interview?

It generally takes two to three weeks after a position closes for the Human Resource partner and hiring manager to review all the applications. At that time, the applicants selected to come in for interviews will be contacted.


If I am interested in a particular type of job, but I do not see any openings in that field listed on the website, may I still submit my application?

No, we only accept applications for current position openings, and do not review unsolicited applications. To set up an email alert to notify you when a position is posted that may interest you, a Job Search Agent can be created from your account.


I am interested in a position that is listed as part-time. Would I still be eligible for benefits?

It depends on how many hours per week are regularly scheduled for the position. Please see our Benefits page for a more detailed breakdown of the benefits available by job status.

How will I know if I am not selected for a position?

You should receive an email notification or phone call regarding the status of your application.

How do I update my e-mail address or other account information?

Login to your account. Select ‘User Account Details.’ To make changes, select the pencil icon next to the heading ‘User Information.’ Make your changes and click ‘Save.’

How do I update my skills profile?

Login to your account.  Select ‘Skills Profile’.  To update current skills select the pencil icon under ‘Actions’ to make changes.  To add new skills select a Skill Category and then click on the skills you wish to add.  Click ‘Submit’.