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AUOX-PDP–3359 (AU) and AUOX-CU–3360 (AU) Palmer Storage

Stilwell Land Holdings, applicant/landowner, requesting Preliminary and Final Development Plan, and Conditional Use Permit for the construction of self–storage units and outdoor parking and storage of recreational equipment and vehicles, on property zoned PEC3, Planned Light Industrial Park District, in Section 18, Township 15, Range 25.

AUOX-ADUP-3358 (AU) McCullough

James P. and Leslie L. McCullough, applicant/landowners, request an Accessory Dwelling Unit Permit on approximately 3 acres, zoned RN1, Residential Neighborhood 1 District, in Section 29, Township 14, Range 25.

AUOX-PRB1-3355 (AU) and AUOX-CU-3356 (AU) Miller Plumbing Contractor Shop and Yard

Phelps Engineering, Inc., applicant, and JJL Properties, LLC, landowner, requesting rezoning from RUR, Rural District, to PRB1, Planned Rural Retail Business District, and Conditional Use Permit for a plumbing shop and contractor yard (Miller Plumbing), in Section 6, Township 15, Range 25.