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County Services List

eNewspapers 913-826-4600 Library
Entrance Permit 913-715-8300 Public Works
Environmental Audits 913-715-6936 Health and Environment
Environmental Pollution Complaint 913-715-6904 Health and Environment
Executive Airport: Fixed Base Operators 913-715-6000 Airport Commission
Expungement: Juvenile 913-715-3000 District Attorney
Family Emergency Plan 913-782-3038 Emergency Management
Family Programming at the Museum 913-715-2550 Museum
Find My Polling Place 913-782-3441 Election Office
Finding a Child Care Provider 913-529-1200 or 913-342-1110 Health and Environment
Finger Printing Services 913-715-5511 Sheriff
Fireworks Permit in Unincorporated Johnson County 913-715-0725 County Manager's Office
Flu Planning 913-826-1263 Health and Environment
Flu Resources 913-826-1263 Health and Environment
Flu Shots 913-826-1263 Health and Environment
Flu Shots 913-826-1263 Health and Environment
Food Safety: Rapid Response Line 913-715-7070 K-State Research and Extension
Forms: Building Codes 913-715-2200 Building Codes
Forms: Planning and Zoning 913-715-2200 Planning and Codes
FREE Store 913-238-6882 Health and Environment
Free Wi-Fi on the JO 913-782-2210 Transit - RideKC in Johnson County
Friends of the Library 913- 492-4791 Library
GED and ESL Classes at the Library 913-826-4600 Library
Get Your Kids Ready to Read! 913-826-4600 Library
Golf Course: Heritage Park 913-829-4653 Park and Recreation
Golf Course: Tomahawk Hills 913-631-8000 Park and Recreation
Grease Management 913-715-6937 Wastewater
Guaranteed Ride 913-782-2210 Transit - RideKC in Johnson County
Hardcopy Maps 913-715-1600 Automated Information Mapping System
Health & Environment: Student Internships 913-477-8337 Health and Environment
Health: Walk-In Services 913-826-1200 Health and Environment
HOME Program 913-715-6612 Human Services
Homebound Services (HomeConnect) 913-826-4600 ext. 64384 Library
Homebuyer Assistance Program 913-715-6662 Human Services
Homework Help Coaches 913-826-4600 Library