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  1. Severe Weather Resources

    ... and pipes If you are outside, take cover in a stable facility. Avoid taking shelter under trees Tune in to local TV/radio ...

    Type: Page Updated: 04/16/2015 Department: Emergency Management

  2. Save time (and $5) by mailing in your vehicle registration renewal

    ... State statute allows for county treasurers to charge a facility fee, and they can do so at their own discretion. “Currently ...

    Updated: 01/06/2015

  3. Policy 150.1 Introduction

    ... loan to a non-governmental person or use of a bond-financed facility by a non-governmental person. As indicated herein, such use may arise ... lease or any similar agreement relating to a bond-financed facility. “Bad Payments” means any payments derived from Bad Use of ...

    Updated: 06/26/2014

  4. Frequent Questions

    ... concerns or want to make a complaint about my daycare facility or daycare provider? Please call the Child ...   Click here to sign up for KDHE-approved child care facility classes. When is my county ...

    Type: Page Updated: 05/30/2014 Department: Health and Environment

  5. Safe Use and Alternatives

    ... be taken to the Household Hazardous Materials Collections Facility. Safer Alternatives to Household Hazardous Chemicals ...

    Type: Page Updated: 12/23/2014 Department: Health and Environment

  6. Records and Tax Administration

    ... Various county records dating from 1857 are stored at the facility. Johnson County follows the record retention and destruction schedule ... Records & Tax Administration Main Facility:  Administration Building Suite Number:  1200 ...

    Type: Department Updated: 01/26/2014

  7. For Businesses and Employers

    ... your business site.  The work crew operates at your facility and accompanied by one of our supervisors. The supervisor trains ...

    Type: Page Updated: 10/24/2014 Department: Developmental Supports

  8. CDDO

    ... Name Main Phone:  913-826-2600 Main Facility:  Community Development Disabilities Organization ...

    Type: Department Updated: 08/29/2014

  9. Motor Vehicle Olathe Office

    ... Motor Vehicle Olathe Office Main Facility:  Motor Vehicle Olathe Office ...

    Type: Department Updated: 08/28/2014

  10. Motor Vehicle Mission Office

    ... Motor Vehicle Mission Office Main Facility:  Motor Vehicle Mission Office ...

    Type: Department Updated: 08/28/2014


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