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Property Resources

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Maps: Subscription Services
Phone: 913-715-1600

myAIMS is a complete Internet Web Portal that provides access to applications geared toward viewing, querying and downloading spatially referenced information... more

Permit: Land Disturbance
Phone: 913-715-8300

Erosion and Sediment Controls are required when disturbing land in Johnson County. A "Land Disturbing Activity" is any activitythat changes the physical... more

To acquire a building permit for a single-family residential building or for a multi-unit residential building, where each unit in the building has a separate... more

Permit: Utility
Phone: 913-715-8300

Utility requesting permission and authority to install, operate, and maintain facilities as described on the permit. more

Printed Map Books
Phone: 913-715-1600

The Subdivision Map Book is a bound document containing a grid network which is used to locate Subdivisions in Johnson County. In the map book, subdivisions... more

Property Tax Forms
Phone: 913-715-2600

Download open records request forms, refund request forms, and tax protest forms here. Instructions for each form are available to help you complete and submit... more

Property Tax Frequent Questions
Phone: 913-715-2600

Locate answers to your property tax inquiries through this informative list of frequent questions. more

Property Tax: Appeal Process
Phone: 913-715-9000

Step-by-step information on filing an appeal, preparing for your appeal, and a description of the overall appeal process. more

Property Tax: Appraisal Process
Phone: 913-715-9000

An appraisal is the method established by Kansas statute to determine a property owner’s share of the taxes that support schools, roads, health and human... more

The Change of Address Form can be used to request address changes on Real Estate (houses, land) or Personal Property (mobile homes, watercraft, heavy trucks,... more

Real Estate: Appraisals
Phone: 913-715-9000

The county appraiser is required to visit your property at least once every six years. First, the appraiser will attempt to interview the property owner. Then... more

Revaluation Property Reports
Phone: 913-715-9000

This County Appraiser’s revaluation report provides an overview of the annual property valuation. Included in this report are illustrations and charts showing... more