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Residents and businesses appeal Notice of Appraised Value, adjustments reported

The Johnson County Appraiser’s Office announces that all informal appeal result letters will be mailed today, Monday, May 20, and all appeal adjustments will be updated online tomorrow, May 21. For the first time this year, homeowners had the opportunity to file their appeal online. More than 15% chose that option.

Johnson County counted 224,037 parcels in its 2019 Notice of Appraised Value (NOAV) process. There were 5,938 residential appeals filed, and 2,315 commercial appeals, which represent 2.7% and 1% of the total parcel count, respectively. Approximately 50% of residential and 30% of commercial appeals were adjusted. The informal appeal result letters will be mailed today.

 “We’re happy to work with property owners to ensure fair, accurate and appropriate valuations, while providing the best possible customer service,” said Johnson County Appraiser Paul Welcome.

The appraised market value of a property is established by the County Appraiser based on comparable sales and other market data. By state law, property is appraised at fair market value as it exists on Jan. 1 of each year. Fair market value means the amount that a well-informed buyer is justified in paying and well-informed seller is justified in accepting in an open-competitive market. A property’s appraised value will go up or down depending upon the local housing market. When supply is low and demand for homes is high in the area, property values go up. The appraiser uses local market sales data to generate a property value and analyze the property based upon its age, size, style of construction and replacement cost. The county must appraise homes within 90 to 110 percent of their value.

For a complete look at final value averages and the percent change by area, visit pages 37-42, of the 2019 Johnson County Appraiser’s Office Revaluation Report, February 2019.  New this year, you can also access Johnson County mapping and property value information in a single location. This webpage includes a PDF version of residents’ NOAV.

For more information about NOAVs, visit the Appraiser’s Office.

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