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Children and Family

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Adolescent Center for Treatment (ACT) is a 21-bed residential facility for adolescents experiencing problems related to substance use. ACT... more

"Making a Difference" is an abstinence approach to HIV/STD and teen pregnancy prevention that explores facts, feelings, attitudes, and... more

Phone: 913-477-8330 (Olathe) or 913-826-1302 (Mission)

The WIC program offers counseling, tips, and encouragement. Breastfeeding is best feeding... more

Child Support: Failure to pay
Phone: 913-715-3600

Obligors who do not make support payments as ordered may be served with an Order to Appear for Failure to Pay. Service is generally... more

Flu Shots
Phone: 913-826-1263

The best way to protect yourself from getting the flu is to receive the influenza vaccine. The vaccine is safe and effective. JCDHE... more

Pediatric services assists children with severe emotional disturbances who are at risk of being placed away from their families. Services... more

Multi-Service Outreach Centers
Phone: 913-715-8923

Multi-Service Outreach Centers provide a safety net for those in need and a means of moving beyond cycles of aid into self-reliance. They... more

Provides registered nurses who offer screening, assessment, education, resource information, and referral services to seniors.  more

Physical Exams
Phone: 913-826-1200

Blood pressure clinics are staffed by registered nurses at various locations throughout Johnson County. To get your blood pressure checked... more

Prenatal Services
Phone: 913-826-1200

Works to improve pregnancy outcomes for mother and infant through comprehensive prenatal services. Appointments are required. Johnson... more

Reproductive Health Services
Phone: 913-826-1200

Comprehensive reproductive health services, including pregnancy testing, contraception, pap smears, colposcopies, prevention education,... more