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Johnson County is committed to maximizing the economic, environmental, and societal benefits of its operations within the community and has... more

Bikes on the Bus
Phone: 913-782-2210

You and your bike ride for a single fare. For safety reasons, the operator will not leave the bus to assist you with the loading or... more

Environmental Audits
Phone: 913-715-6923

The Environment Division maintains the most comprehensive site investigation database in Johnson County.  If you need to know the... more

Illegal Dumping Complaint
Phone: 913-715-6917

If you are concerned about a potential illegal dumping site or abandoned waste we would like to hear from you. Please submit information... more

Parks & Recreation: Trail Guide
Phone: 913-438-7275

Get Your Johnson County Park & Recreation District Trail Guide today! To receive a Trail Guide of hiking and biking trails in Johnson... more