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Address Search Utilities
Phone: 913-715-1600

AIMS offers three unique tools to query the Johnson County address database to locate and validate Johnson County addresses. The Desktop... more

Bike Racks and Route Map
Phone: 913-477-8120

Ride your bike to a Johnson County building and find the best bike route to get there... more

CUEView: Utility Map Viewer
Phone: 913-715-1600

CUEView provides map access to utility information in Johnson County including service areas, easements, capital improvement plans, and a... more

Hardcopy Maps
Phone: 913-715-1600

One of the best ways to communicate an issue or problem is through a map; maps are a highly visual tool for decision making. AIMS can make... more

Johnson County Online Mapping
Phone: 913-715-1600

Create a plot plan, view an aerial photo of a property, research the traffic flow at an intersection, or download a plat amongst many other... more

Mapping Classes & Training
Phone: 913-715-1600

AIMS offers complementary training classes geared toward the use of our Online Mapping applications. Classes are available for both the... more

Maps: Subscription Services
Phone: 913-715-1600

myAIMS is a complete Internet Web Portal that provides access to applications geared toward viewing, querying and downloading spatially... more

Parks & Recreation: Trail Guide
Phone: 913-438-7275

Get Your Johnson County Park & Recreation District Trail Guide today! To receive a Trail Guide of hiking and biking trails in Johnson... more

Plat Search Utility
Phone: 913-715-1600

Provides access to data about recorded plats (i.e. PlatID, name, book/page, year platted, #units) including the ability to view and... more

Printed Map Books
Phone: 913-715-1600

The Subdivision Map Book is a bound document containing a grid network which is used to locate Subdivisions in Johnson County. In the map... more

Search & Purchase Plats
Phone: 913-715-1600

AIMS offers users several options when searching recorded plats in Johnson County. Public access is available with limited free downloads,... more

Survey & Mapping Records
Phone: 913-715-8322

Johnson County Public Works led the way in establishing a county wide survey control network. Our network consists of 69 horizontal control... more