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Cyber Security News Archive

Cyber Security News Archive

Cyber Hygiene with the Top 20 Critical Security Controls - In this digital age, we rely on our computers and devices for so many aspects of our lives that the need to be proactive and vigilant to protect against cyber threats has never been greater. However, in order to be as secure as possible, we need to use good cyber hygiene – that is, making sure we are protecting and maintaining systems and devices appropriately and using cyber security best practices.

Social Networking Sites Security and Privacy Issues - Recent hacks involving several high-profile social networking accounts once again highlight the potential vulnerability of social media. The sheer volume of users and the information that gets posted on social media sites create plenty of opportunity for an attacker to use social engineering or other methods to gain access to the accounts of individuals and organizations. The more information you post, the more your security and privacy are at risk.

Java Exploits - You may have heard of a Java exploit, but do you know what it is and how it can be used to hack your computer?

Using Wi-FI:  Connect with Care - If you’re traveling this summer, chances are you’ll encounter a Wi-Fi hotspot (network) or two.  Wi-Fi in airports, hotels, train stations, coffee shops, and other public places can be convenient, but they’re often not secure, and can leave you at risk.

Do You Know Where Your Personal Information Is?The amount of data on the Internet is staggering. As consumers of online services, we create information through our use of social media, online shopping, and many other activities. Public records are also a source of information about individuals, which can get posted online. It is important to be aware that once this data is online, that can be difficult to remove.

Protect Yourself from Email Phishing AttacksIn the pre-Internet era, con men, also known as confidence men, would gain victims’ confidence through the use of deception, to defraud them. The same principles are being used today, only now to an even greater efficiency through the use of online scams. One of the most prolific means for online scamming is phishing.

Protect Yourself from Email Tax ScamsIt’s tax season and criminals are seizing the opportunity for scams. Don’t become the next victim. Scammers leverage every means at their disposal to separate you from your money, your identity, or anything else of value they can get. They may offer seemingly legitimate “tax services” designed to steal your identity and your tax refund, sometimes with the lure of bigger write-offs or refunds. Scams may include mocked up websites and tax forms that look like they belong to the IRS to trick you into providing your personal information.

Protecting My SmartphoneWe’ve come to depend on our smartphones so heavily it is hard to remember what we did before we had them. If you have a smartphone, you now carry a fully functional computer in your pocket or purse. That’s a tremendous amount of information at your fingertips! Therefore, it is paramount that you safeguard the smartphone.

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