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Johnson County Department of Health and Environment (JCDHE) is asking Johnson County residents to complete a short survey in order to understand how many people in Johnson County have or do not have symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19). The survey will close at 10 a.m. on Friday, April 10.

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About Us: Tours

Welcome Visitors & Teachers!

Johnson County Wastewater can serve as a valuable instructional resource for the community! Please feel free to take advantage of these opportunities to learn about the wastewater treatment process and its importance to the community.

All participants must bring a signed release for admission to the plant grounds. Only those individuals who do have a signed release form will be able to participate in the tour.

Something fun beforehand

Follow this link to see Wally Creates a Lego Wastewater Wonderland!

the Adventures of Walter Waterdrop coloring book

Plant Tours

If you are interested in learning about how Johnson County Wastewater and other wastewater treatment organizations clean used water, you might want to consider taking a plant tour. It's interesting to learn about how we are able to clean water almost the same way that nature would, but by a much faster process. If the water was left alone in a stream or lake, it would naturally clean itself, but that could take a long time. The first thing we have to do, then, is collect the wastewater and transport it to a wastewater treatment plant.

  • While tours are typically scheduled for the third Wednesday of the month, we will also make an effort to accommodate your schedule if that doesn't work for you.
  • The plants are open for tours Monday through Thursday between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.
  • Tours are available at our treatment plant locations. Choose the one that's most convenient for you to visit. 
  • Tours are free.
  • Reservations should be made at least two (2) weeks in advance.
  • Tours are about 60-90 minutes long, beginning with an introductory presentation and ending with a question-and-answer session.
  • All tour attendees must be at least eight (8) years old or in third-grade.
  • Participants should wear appropriate footwear - closed-toe shoes with flat heels.
  • The minimum group size is five (5); maximum is 20. For every 10 students there should be one chaperone. Larger groups will be considered based on staff availability. 
  • Tours are conducted by Johnson County Wastewater employees who operate and manage the plants. They will provide a thorough, step-by-step explanation of wastewater treatment.

To schedule a tour, please send an email If you let us know ahead of time, we can prepare a slide at the plant's lab so that you may view organisms under a microscope. 


Johnson County Wastewater's staff members are also available to visit your location to discuss such topics such as the wastewater treatment process, protecting the environment, or any of our department's projects. To schedule a speaker, please also send an email