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Important Notice Regarding Personalized Plates

Please be aware that throughout this year the Kansas Department of Revenue will be mailing personalized plate reorder letters for all personalized plate holders.  By law, all personalized plate holders must reorder new personalized plates every five years.

To ensure you reorder and receive your new personalized plate you must complete the reorder form provided by the Kansas Department of Revenue, make checks payable to Johnson County Motor Vehicle, and return the form to:

Johnson County Mission Motor Vehicle Office
6000 Lamar Avenue
Mission, KS 66202

If you reorder a personalized plate and it is not available in time for your renewal month, the State has instructed counties to issue a standard plate for your vehicle until the personalized plate arrives.  If you have to obtain a standard plate, you must get in line online at www.jocogov.org, by phone at 1-888-956-2657, or in person at either the Olathe or Mission Motor Vehicle Office using the line management system.  Office hours are Monday thru Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m..

We will notify you when your personalized plate has arrived and is ready for pick up.  If you were issued a standard plate for a temporary period of time, then you must surrender that plate when picking up your personalized plate.