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New walk-in renewal fee now in effect at Motor Vehicles

Beginning January 1, 2015, an additional fee of $5 will be applied to each vehicle being renewed in-person at a Johnson County motor vehicle office. To avoid paying the additional $5 fee per vehicle, Johnson County residents can renew vehicle(s) online at www.jocogov.org or by mail.

The Johnson County Board of County Commissioners approved charging the walk-in registration renewal fee during the 2015 budget process. State statute allows for county treasurers to charge a facility fee, and they can do so at their own discretion.

“Currently about 70 percent of Johnson County customers renew their vehicles by mail or online and we’d like to see that number climb even higher,” said Thomas Franzen, Johnson County treasurer and director of the Johnson County Treasury & Financial Management department. “As opposed to coming into our Olathe or Mission motor vehicle offices to renew a vehicle, renewals by mail or online allow us to be more efficient with tax payer money because our staff can process those renewals more quickly than they can with walk-in renewal customers.”

Motor Vehicle mails courtesy registration renewal notices 45 days prior to expiration. Due dates are based on the first letter of the registered vehicle owner’s last name. More information on vehicle renewals is available at www.jocogov.org.