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Dispatch Phone: 913-715-8267

Scheduler Phone 913-362-3500

Call Center Phone: 816-221-0660

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Bus Fare Information

Fare Chart
Full Fare One Way
10 Ride Pass
31 Day Pass

Local Route
Routes: 500s - 660 - 664 - 667 - 672 - 800s


$50 KCATA pass


Suburban Express
Routes: 661 - 670 - 673 - 678




Suburban Express
Reduced Fare*
Routes: 661 - 670 - 673 - 678


Commuter Express
710 - K10 Connector



*Reduced fare: Riders who qualify must complete the appropriate application OR show bus driver proof of age or disability.

Accepted forms of proof are:

  • Seniors 65 and older – driver’s license, Medicare card, Metro reduced fare card or JCT Special Edition ID card - Apply
  • Youth 6-17 – student ID, Medicaid card, Metro reduced fare card or JCT Special Edition ID card - Apply. 5 and under are free.
  • Disabled – Disabled parking ID, Medicaid card, Metro reduced fare card or JCT Special Edition ID card - Apply

The fare box will take all modern U.S. coins and bills up to $20. If you overpay, the driver will provide a change card for use on future trips aboard Johnson County buses.  The change card cannot be redeemed for cash, only future rides.

Passengers are eligible for one transfer. Please see Transfer Policy.

Riders 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Riders 5 and under are free. Riders should provide their own car seat for infants. Mass transit buses do not have seat belts.

31 Day passes gives you access to all RideKC bus systems including Kansas City, Mo., Kansas City, Kansas, and Independence, Mo. . Exceptions are Metro routes 34X Liberty, 170 Blue Springs and 152 Lee’s Summit/Raytown. The Standard Xpress 31 day pass ($75.60) is not valid on the 710 K10 Connector. The 31 day pass for 710 K10 Connector is $95. 

The $50 and $25 31 Day pass are available at store.kcata.org and many locations throughout Kansas City.

To Use 31 Day passes - Once the passes are dunked into the farebox, they are acivated and the start (the day the pass is dunked into the farebox) and end dates (31 consecutive days from the day the pass is dunked in farebox) will be printed on the pass. If a rider accidentally dunks a pass, no reimbursement for the pass will be given. The pass will be valid 31 consecutive days from the first day the pass was dunked into the farebox.

Click here to buy your monthly pass today!

Day Passes work on all RideKC local service. 

Buy Passes


Pass Purchase Outlets

Sales Outlet Passes Sold Payment Location
Johnson County Online Store Select passes and Special Edition Credit Card http://thejo.3dcartstores.com/
Regional Call Center 31 Day regular fare and reduced fare

Cash, money order and credit

8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. - Monday through Friday

1200 E. 18th Street, KCMO  64108
Phone:  816-221-0660

RideKC Online Store 31 Day passes

Credit Card


Crown Center - Customer Service

31 Day regular fare and reduced fare


10 a.m. - 7 p.m. - Monday - Saturday 
11 a.m. - 6 p.m. - Sunday 

Customer Service located on the 2nd Floor at the South end of the Crown Center shops near the south escalator and Chip's Chocolate Factory.

Overland Park City Hall City Clerk's office 31 Day regular fare  Cash, checks and credit card

8 a.m. - 5 p.m. - Monday through Friday

8500 Santa Fe Drive, Overland Park, KS 66212

JCCC (Student Center Information Desk) K10 10-ride


8 a.m. - 5 p.m. - Monday through Friday

12345 College Blvd, Overland Park, KS  66210

KU Edwards Bookstore K10 10-ride
K10 31 Day pass

Cash or credit

8 a.m. - 5 p.m. - Monday through Friday

12600 Quivira Rd., Overland Park, KS  66213

KU Parking Dept K10 10-ride
K10 31 Day pass
Cash or credit

7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. - Monday through Friday

KU Lawrence Campus, Allen Fieldhouse Parking Garage northeast corner

31-Day passes can be used on local and MAX routes; however, an additional charge may be necessary when using a pass on a route with a higher fare. Choose the pass that best suits your daily travels: regular, express or reduced fare.

$50 Regular Pass: Regular passes are good for 31 days on all MAX, local RideKC routes (numbers 1-499) and 519, 563, 569, 571 and 595.

$95 Express Pass: $95 Express passes are good the entire month on commuter express routes in Lawrence, Eastern Jackson  County, Clay County, and all RideKC routes and MAX. *510 K-10 Connector, 535 Shoal Creek-Liberty Express, 550 Lee's Summit Express, 570 Blue Springs Express.

$25 Reduced Fare Pass: Persons with disabilities, seniors 65 and over and youths 12- to 18-years old who have a reduced farecard can use this pass on all MAX, local RideKC routes (numbers 1-499) and 519, 563, 569, 571 and 595. To purchase this pass, please include the reduced farecard ID number printed on the card. Customers will be contacted if unable to verify eligibility.

31 Day passes - Once the passes are dunked into the farebox, they are acivated and the start (the day the pass is dunked into the farebox) and end dates (31 consecutive days from the day the pass is dunked in farebox) will be printed on the pass.  If a rider accidentally dunks a pass, no reimbursement for the pass will be given.  The pass will be valid 31 consecutive days from the first day the pass was dunked into the farebox.

The JO Passport

The JO Passport is Johnson County Transit's (JCT) 31 day bus pass that gives riders the convenience of a one time fee and allows them to save over 28% off of the regular Standard Express bus fare. JO Passport members are sold passes at an extra discounted rate. Don't forget your JO Passport is also good on Metro buses!  Your company should join a growing number of employers who are adding JCT's JO Passport program to their benefit package.

The JO Passport is only available for purchase by businesses, have your Human Resources department contact JCT at 816-221-0660 or E-mail a request to setup a Passport account. A minimum purchase of five passes per month is required.

Johnson County Transit provides schedules, Rider's Guides and other information to help you promote the savings and benefits of commuting by bus. JCT will even visit your company to discuss the JO Passport program during employee benefit meetings and/or company events. Route 710 K-10 Connector does not accept this pass.

JO Passport participants are also eligible for the Guaranteed Ride Home Program sponsored by the Mid-America Regional Council. You must register for this program with the link above or call 816-842-RIDE.

JO 31 Day Passes are now good on KCATA (The Metro), KCK (The Bus) and Independence (INDE) buses. The only exceptions are on Metro Commuter/Express routes #34X Liberty, #170 Blue Springs and #152 Lee’s Summit/Raytown. $75.60 gets you all access!

Passport Cost Comparisons

Riding JCT with the Passport Costs $71.00 Per Month.

Johnson County Transit offers a variety of ways for commuters to save money including the monthly Passport, which saves riders over 28% off of regular bus fare, and the convenient 10 ride pass, which saves riders 10% off of regular bus fare. But these savings are just the beginning.

  • Express Fare - $2.25
  • 10-RideTicket - $20.25
  • JO 31 Day Passport (company sponsored monthly bus pass) - $71.00
  • JO 31 Day Bus Pass - $75.60

What Does it Cost to Operate a Car?

Commuting with JCT reduces or eliminates many of the hidden expenses that accumulate when driving, such as maintenance, oil, tires, parking and insurance.

Employer Benefits

Companies are known by the benefits they offer. The Passport is one of the best benefits your company can give its employees for a lot of reasons:

  • Employees receive an additional benefit at a minimal cost. This cost is entirely tax deductible (whereas driving expenses are not). Additionally, any amount of the Passport which your company chooses to subsidize for its employees is a tax deductible expense. Employers then can take an employee benefit,tax deduction for the difference between the employer's cost and the employee's cost, while creating a positive impact on both employees and the community.
  • Employees have an additional commuting option that can reduce their work related expenses and increase their disposable income. No parking costs, no gas expenses, their insurance rates may be lowered, and vehicle maintenance fees are significantly reduced. The Passport may even eliminate the need for some families to be burdened with the costs of an additional vehicle.
  • Your company will save money too, by reducing the costs of employee parking and eliminating the hassles caused by the Central Business District's parking crunch.
  • Productivity improves. JCT commuters arrive at work relaxed, without the stress caused by rush-hour driving. Employees can even spend their commuting time planning their day or catching up on paperwork.
  • The employee eligibility pool is enlarged by making it possible to hire those who cannot drive, those who choose not to drive, and those who want to save money. The Passport provides every job applicant with reliable transportation.
  • Employees who already ride the bus can also benefit. They can save an additional 28% off of their regular transit costs and have the added convenience of a one time monthly expense. No hassles with exact change.
  • Your company helps hold the line on business taxes because fewer cars on the road means less stress on our over-burdened infrastructure and less need for costly road repairs.
  • Promoting JCT's Passport helps improve the environment. Reducing the number of single-occupant vehicles on the road will cut down on harmful hydro-carbons.
  • JCT sells over 750 Passports each month. Participating companies include: AMC, Americo, Apollo Services, Assurant, Baker Sterchi Cowden & Rice, Blue Cross, BNIM, Chicago Title, Children’s Mercy, City of Overland Park, Commerce Bank, Cophaken White Blitt, Crown Center, DST, Tony Dunsworth, FAA, Federal Reserve Bank, Dept of HUD, Garmin, Gastinger Walker Harden Arch, Gilmore & Bell, Hallmark, Husch Blackwell Sanders, JE Dunn, Kansas City Transportation Authority, KCP&L, Kansas City Public Library, Kansas City Southern, KU Edwards, KU Park & Transit, Larson Binkley, Lathrop & Gage, Legal Aid of Western Missouri, MacFarlane Group, Matt Ross Community Center, Martin Leigh Laws & Fritzlen, MARC, NABC, NAIC, Pinsight Media, Shook Hardy & Bacon, Spencer Fane Britt & Browne, Stinson Morrison Hecker, The Principle Foundation, Thomas McGee, Transystems, Tymewarp, UMB Bank, US Dept of HUD, US Department of Justice, US District Court, UMKC, US DOT, Wageworks and Wired Commute.

Transfer & Refund Policy

If you will be transferring, please ask for a transfer ticket when you board. This will allow you to transfer between routes or the Metro system. Transfers are valid for two hours. Transfers are not valid for round trips. Monthly passes are also good for a ride on the Metro system.

If any question is raised over validity of transfer, please pay fare and forward details to:

or Call: 816-221-0660
or by Mail:

1701 West 56 Highway
Olathe, Kansas 66061

RideKC is not responsible for lost or stolen bus passes. No refunds will be provided for unused passes. All sales are final.