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Records and Tax Administration

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Plat List

The Plat List displays the OASIS (Tax Roll) Plat name and the DTS (Recording) Index name. The OASIS Plat name is preferred for recorded documents.

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General Guidelines

Information in parenthesis is generally not needed in the legal description. Parentheses used in the Plat name could be one of the following:

Informational – The parentheses are referencing a note in regards to the legal description or the plat name. “Tomahawk Hills (Blks 11, 12, 14)” or “The Villages of Sunnybrooke Estates 11th Plat (Condominium)” are examples.

Point of Reference – The parentheses are referencing the current status of the plat, “Timberline Acres (Annexed to DP7410)”, “Tomahawk Forest (Vacated Ord #691)” or “The Traces of Windham Hill 3rd Plat (Replatted 4th Plat)” are examples.

The Plat list is for research purposes only. Any questions in regards to the plat name or to chain of title, please contact the Department of Records and Tax Administration at 913-715-0775 for further clarification.

Plat Services: AIMS

AIMS offers users several options when searching recorded plats in Johnson County. Public access is available with limited free downloads, while a subscription-based access is offered to users with a higher volume need. Utilizing the subscription service enables users to access the functionality of the Map Search where they can interact with the map to find the desired plat image.