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Field Provider Continuing Education

Med-Act provides continuing education for field providers that meets the requirements set forth by the Kansas Board of EMS and the National Registry of EMT’s. A Physician lecture series is offered twice a year with Physicians from local institutions offering information in a variety of specialty areas related to EMS.  The field provider lecture series gives field providers an opportunity to present on a topic of their choosing and is done yearly.  Department Educators present lectures twice a year over the course of 3 days each to accommodate attendance by shift employees.  Med-Act also supports local hospitals with continuing education programs by providing  EMS continuing education hours.  Med-Act is able to offer CECBEMS continuing education credit for courses.  The ability to offer this type of continuing education, which is nationally recognized, is only held by a handful of ambulance and air ambulance services across the Country.

You may view any of the classes or lectures we are offering at the following site:  https://events.jocogov.org/med/.  Lectures are open to anyone to attend.  There is no cost for current Johnon County Providers.  Those attending from outside the County are charged an administrative fee to process and maintain continuing education records. EMS drive thru / Core training is for employees of Johnson County Med-Act and the Overland Park Fire Department.  If interested in attending one of these sessions, please contact either the BLS Educator or the Assistant Chief for Education to request participation.


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