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Environmental Division

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Pumper/Installer Lists

JCDHE licenses installers and designers of private sewage treatment systems regulated under the Johnson County Environmental Sanitary Code, as well as the sanitary disposal contractors, also known as pumpers, who clean the treatment systems and transport the sewage to the disposal site. These professionals are licensed annually.  Each year the lists on this site are populated as licenses are issued.

JCDHE does not endorse any particular on-site sewage professional.

Licensed Sanitary Disposal Contractors (Pumpers)

In areas of Johnson County covered by the Code, to engage in the pumping or cleaning of a private sewage treatment system or transport sewage to a disposal site, a person is required to be licensed by JCDHE. The companies and individuals listed below have met that requirment.

Company Grease Sewage Phone Number
Truninger Brothers Septic Tank Pumping X X 816-540-5673
Clean Right Septic & Sewer Service X X 913-677-3207
Quality Plumbing Inc X X 816-472-4994
Darling International X   913-321-9328
Reddi Services Inc X X 913-287-5005
K Jett Services, LLC X X 816-769-3900
Ralph Smith Septic Tank Service   X 913-724-9793
Swift Construction dba CEI X   816-221-0006
Honey-Wagon/K-Mel Industries X X 913-764-1234
Honey Bee Septic Service   X 785-841-0399
A-1 Sewer & Septic Service, Inc X X 913-631-5201
Express Septic X X 913-287-2280
Haz-Mat Response, Inc.   X 913-782-5151
Bill's Septic   X 913-755-4082
American Waste Systems Inc.   X 816-966-1161
Gerken Rent-All   X 913-294-3783
Dailey Septic Service   X 913-856-7550
W.E.S. Septic Service   X 913-755-2100
Gotta-Go LLC   X 785-241-1242
Madden Rental   X 785-242-2894
Liquid Environmental Solutions X   913-573-1939
Brooks Grease Service X   816-550-8446
Healy Biosiesel, Inc. X  


Digger Jim X X 913-683-0404

Licensed Pumpers for Portable Toilets

Company Name Phone Number
Clean Right Septic & Sewer Service 913-677-3207
Sanitary Portables 816-537-5623
Deffenbaugh Industries/Johnny on the Spot 913-631-6500
Best Portable Toilets Inc. 816-348-7700
Quick Stop Portable Toilets 816-407-1157
Gerkan Rent-All 913-294-3783
American Waste Systems Inc. 816-966-1161
Dailey Septic Service 913-856-7550
Cyclone, Inc 816-453-1484
Madden Rental 785-242-2894


Licensed Septic Installers

In areas of Johnson County covered by the Code, to install a new private sewage treatment system or make repairs to an existing system, a person is required to be licensed by JCDHE. The companies and individuals listed below have that requirement.

These approved licensed installers can design conventional systems. Some licensed installers are also licensed designers. These installers are indicated in the list. Licensed designers are persons licensed through examination to design alternative systems such as mound, low pressure pipe or other permitted alternative system.

Company Name Licensed Designer Maintenance Provider Phone Number
Crosby Plumbing     913-441-5800
K & M Construction General Contractor     913-208-5466
B & D Contracting, LLC     913-796-6474
Allen Construction LLC X X 913-238-6421
Kenneth L. Sloan Construction     913-915-0447
L-J Backhoe Service     785-883-4132
John Kunkel X   913-226-7180
Wiedenmann Inc/Glen Barge     816-322-1125
Brown's Construction X X 913-980-6180
Davis Excavating, LLC     913-927-0077
Kinney's Plumbing     913-782-2840
Honey Bee Septic Service LLC     785-841-0399
Thomas Brothers X   816-223-0501
Galamba Construction, Inc.     816-225-6441
Conner Construction     913-285-0315
Dailey Construction & Septic Service   X 816-590-0799
Ted Row, Inc.     816-223-9666
Markley Ditching LLC     785-842-5524
Prime Construction Inc.     785-925-1168
Wray Backhoe     785-255-4536
A-1 Sewer & Septic Service     913-631-5201
Beemer Construction Co.     816-229-2266
Glanville Construction, LLC     913-796-6644
The Septic Guy LLC X X 913-908-3338
Bonner Springs Septic Service     913-208-9715
Clisso Company Inc.     913-915-5169
Honey Wagon\K-Mel Industries     913-764-1234
Bill's Septic Service     913-755-4082
RPHT Inc.     913-948-4364
Residential Sewage Treatment X X 816-966-8885
Hammonds Construction Inc.     913-485-5495
Mark Enright/Hart Plumbing     785-893-4174
Jake Chadwick Excavating     913-980-6419 or 913-406-4544
Quality Septic & Sewer/Mark Shepard X X 913-980-6886
Crystal Trenching Co.     913-677-1233
Walt Johnston     913-585-1477
Blake Excavating     913-915-0199
3 Brothers Landscaping     913-709-9971
Blankenship Excavating    


Hammons Construction, Inc.     913-710-2275
Morris Excavation     785-550-8351


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