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Environmental Division

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What Happens to Waste

A lot of stuff is brought to the Philip J. Wittek Hazardous Materials Collection Facility. Some of it is offered free to the public through our product redistribution program. Other Items are disposed of through various environmentally responsible means.

Antifreeze is reprocessed by a local company. You can also dispose of antifreeze through your household sanitary sewer system, unless you are on a septic tank system. You should NEVER dispose of antifreeze in the storm sewer. It is ethylene glycol and is very toxic unless treated at a wastewater treatment plant.

BatteriesCar battery
Lead Acid (vehicle) batteries and rechargeable batteries are recycled. Alkaline batteries commonly used in products such as flashlights, toys, and pagers can be disposed of in the trash.

Latex Paint
Latex paint is not hazardous but is the most common product received at our Site. Good paint is used in our latex paint recycling program. Latex paint can be solidified with clay type kitty litter and thrown in the trash. Re-blended latex paint is available to the community groups, organizations, and the public.

Oil-based Paint, Solvents, Stains, Thinners
Bulked flammable liquids are reused as a fuel in cement kilns.

Non-hazardous Materials
GlueExamples of nonhazardous materials are alkaline batteries, caulk tubes, cement, solidified adhesives, glues, crack sealers and latex paint, rock salt, solid bacterial and enzyme drain cleaners, and some cleaning products such as laundry and dishwashing detergent. Some of these products are available for use through our product redistribution program. Many of these materials are disposed of in the municipal waste stream.

Poisons, Corrosives, Acids, Aerosols
These are disposed of by incineration or neutralized. Material is picked up by a hazardous waste contractor. Our current contractor is Philips Services Corporation which has a local office in Kansas City.

Propane Tanks
These are available to the public through our product redistribution program.Old tires

Tires are recycled through a local tire collection service for reuse or energy recovery.

Motor oilUsed Oil
Used oil is reprocessed by a local oil recycling company. You can also take your used oil to various local Jiffy Lubes, Valvoline Instant Oil Change stores, and NAPA Auto Parts stores.


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