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District Court Trustee

Phone: 913-715-3600

588 E Santa Fe, Suite 3000, Olathe, KS 66061

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Mission Statement: The Office of the District Court Trustee is dedicated to enriching the financial lives of the children and families we serve by providing information resources, reliable payment records and fair enforcement of family support orders.

Fees collected by the District Court Trustee will increase to 2.5% with $30 cap on February 1, 2014 and will apply to all new and existing orders. For more information see the section About Us.

Effective Monday, September 16, 2013 child support enforcement services for some Johnson County orders are changing. If either parent is enrolled in child support services through the Kansas Dept of Children and Families (Title IV-D program) your enforcement services will be provided by a new child support enforcement company called Kansas Child Support Services. Approximately 9000 cases are involved in this transfer of services to Kansas Child Support Services. This company has caseworkers and attorneys assigned to help parents and families with support cases managed by the Dept of Children and Families. You can contact Kansas Child Support Services by calling the Dept. of Children & Families call center at 1-888-757-2445. Kansas Child Support Services are located at 500 N. Rogers Road, Olathe, Kansas.

Support enforcement services for all other Johnson County support cases, currently more than 14,000 cases, will continue to be monitored and enforced through the District Court Trustee Office. This office has been managing support cases and enforcing the court support order since 1972. The same quality services provided to children and families over the past 42 years remain available through this office.

All court review hearings and contempt hearings will continue to be conducted before the Hearing Officers at the same locations in the Johnson County Courthouse in Olathe, Kansas.