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Developmental Supports

Mark D. Elmore Center

10501 Lackman Road, Lenexa, KS 66219

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Day & Employment Services

JCDS promotes the values of “Employment First” with a focus on integrated, community-based employment for individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities to earn at or above the minimum wage as the first option. If competitive integrated employment is not an immediate goal or inaccessible in the short-term, JCDS offers a variety of on-site and community-based employment and community volunteer service options for individuals with all levels of support needs. For retired citizens, and for those impacted by significant health-related conditions, JCDS provides a variety of meaningful day activities.

Employment Services

For individuals who seek paid employment, JCDS assists job seekers to obtain and retain employment preferably as a direct employee of a local business. As a next best option for integrated community employment, JCDS enters into contractual agreements so disabled workers employed by JCDS work on the premises of local businesses. Such arrangements include small groups of JCDS employees who work alongside peer employees of the business, as well as small mobile work crews for jobs such as servicing vending machines.

For workers who have not secured employment in the community, JCDS provides a center-based workforce for businesses who desire to have their products assembled and packaged on premises other than their own. Most center-based employment is paid piece-rate work at a wage based on individual productivity.

Community Services

Some individuals, for whom employment is not a priority, prefer to make meaningful contributions to their community through volunteerism. Examples to where our folks have chosen to donate their time, energy and creativity are Meals on Wheels, Children’s Mercy Hospital, Hospice, Turnstyles, various Skilled Care Facilities, and Animal Haven.

Retirement Services

Many older adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities prefer to participate in day activities that are typical of those that many seniors enjoy during their retirement years. Some of the activities include movement classes, attending movies, memory retention activities, T-Bones baseball games, Rodeos, and music therapy. In addition, these participants are committed to giving back to their community like others. They have enjoyed contributing to Meals on Wheels, Wayside Waifs, Skilled Care Facilities, Adopt a Senior, and Harvesters, to name a few favorites.

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