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Department of Corrections

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Volunteering with Juveniles

Q: What kinds of things do volunteers do?

A: Our volunteers provide religious services, skill building (incuding cooking, career prep, and tutoring), mentorship, and anything else someone may think of that they want to contribute.

Q: How do I become a volunteer?

A: You must:

  • Complete a volunteer application packet
  • Pass your background check
  • Be screened for tuberculosis
  • Have a physician sign a health assessment form, clearing you medically to volunteer
  • Attend Launch! (our volunteer orientation/training session)

To get started, please complete our Volunteer Interest Form.

Q: How much time would I have to donate in order to volunteer?

A: We will work with volunteers to match their need with that of the position they are volunteering for.

Q: Is the Johnson County Department of Corrections a safe place to volunteer?

A: Yes! Each one of our volunteers receives training in the areas of safety and security. Our staff are committed to the safety of everyone in the facility, including volunteers.

Q: Do I need any special training?

A: We provide training for all of our volunteers on the rules, regulations, dos, and don'ts of working with juvenile offenders. All volunteers are required to complete this training. Due to differences in organizational operations, even those with previous experience in other facilities will need to attend Launch!