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Department of Corrections

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House Arrest

The House Arrest Department is located within the Adult Residential Center and operates on a 24-hour bases.  House Arrest involves a philosophy of strictly limiting an offender’s movements within the community through electronic monitoring while using cognitive based intervention technique’s to promote behavior change within the client’s served.

Each client is assessed at intake and assigned electronic monitoring equipment based on this assessment tool.  Clients can be assigned an array of equipment based on their assessed need that may include: an ankle bracelet for proximity or GPS tracking, a remote breath testing unit (alcohol monitoring, and photographic facial recognition), or a SCRAMx device (ankle bracelet with transdermal testing capabilities).  The House Arrest Department has 9 possible variations of equipment that could be used.  Most equipment works through cellular signals like cell phones, but equipment can be set up using a landline for clients living in areas without good cellular services.

In cases of court orders or sanctions, clients can be assigned to SCRAM or Remote Breath testing only.  This means House Arrest will monitor the case for compliance with the electronic monitoring equipment but case management is not utilized and movements are not restricted as long as the client is in compliance with the program.

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Or call Teresa Markos at 913-715-7225 or E-mail at Teresa.Markos@jocogov.org.