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The persons served by the Johnson County CDDO are guaranteed the same rights as individuals without disabilities. These rights may be limited only by provisions of law or court order, including guardianship, conservatorship, power of attorney or other judicial determinations. These rights shall include the following:

  • Being free from physical or psychological abuse or neglect, and from financial exploitation;
  • Having control over your own financial resources;
  • Being able to receive, purchase, have and use your own property;
  • Actively and meaningfully making decisions that affect your life;
  • Having your own privacy;
  • Being able to associate and communicate publicly or privately with any person or group of people of your choice;
  • Being able to practice the religion or faith of your choice;
  • Being free from the inappropriate use of physical or chemical restraint, medication, or isolation;
  • Not being required to work without compensation, except for the purposes of maintaining your own living space, common living areas, and grounds that you share with others;
  • Being treated with dignity and respect;
  • Receiving due process; and
  • Having access to your own records, including information about how your funding is accessed and utilized, and what services were billing for on your behalf.

You may also contact the Disability Rights Center of Kansas to assist with due process and individual rights.
Voice: 1-877-776-1541 TDD: 1-877-335-3725