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Audit Services

Phone: 913-715-1830

111 S Cherry, Suite 3300, Olathe, KS 66061

Audit Reports: 2010

Internal Audits

Audit of Fleet Maintenance Activities
Our audit disclosed opportunities for Johnson County to organize and perform fleet maintenance functions more efficiently and effectively.

Johnson County Grant Management Review
Our audit showed the Grants Management in the County needed improvement in recording, tracking, and management of grants within the departments. Additional improvements were needed in the oversight of all County grants.

Johnson County Park & Recreation Mgmt Review
Our audit showed Johnson County Parks and Recreation District needed management controls to ensure consistent and efficient decision making.

Review of Park & Recreation Operations
Johnson County Park and Recreation District Board needs to create and implement a management and control structure suitable for the effective and efficient operation of a $45 million government agency. We concluded this was caused by many things including reluctance to use available County resources, lack of knowledge of federal and state laws governing transactions, lack of oversight and control of staff responsible for inventories and lack of appropriate organizational policies and procedures governing District activities.

Annual Report

We provide the BOCC, through oversight and review of County programs and performance, assurance that county services are provided the most cost effective and efficient way, and that government is accountable in its stewardship of the public trust. We seek to accomplish our mission by evaluating department and program performance and identifying recommendations to assist the activities of the County to be more efficient and effective.