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Audit Services

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Audit Process

The following outline is a summary of the Audit Process:


  • Planning
    • Identify Scope, Objectives, Methodology, Risks, Resources, and Criteria
    • Review prior audit reports (if applicable)
  • Research
    • Obtain documents and data
    • Conduct interviews and perform additional research


  • Analysis
    • Perform data analysis and review qualitative information
    • Test all evidence for sufficiency, competence, and relevance
    • Identify findings and obtain supporting documentation
  • Review
    • Finalize findings, including criteria, condition, effect, and cause
    • Prepare recommendations
    • Prepare final documentation of work performed


  • Report preparation & validation
    • Articulate findings, conclusions, and recommendations
    • Verify all process and finding documentation
    • Provide audited entity with a draft report
    • Provide audited entity the opportunity to comment on findings and recommendations
  • Communicate to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) and the public
  • Provide quarterly updates to BOCC regarding the status of audit recommendations