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Cost Details

Detailed breakdown of $182 million cost to build a new courthouse:

Courthouse major cost components

Construction cost $126,000,000
Relocate rooftop emergency communications $1,300,000
Existing courthouse decommissioning and demolition $2,100,000
Courtyard development $600,000
Other project cost $52,000,000
Total project cost $182,000,000


Breakdown: Courthouse Project Cost

Construction Costs:
General Construction $73,100,000
Sitework $5,200,000
Structure (foundation, concrete frame and floors) $14,000,000
Inmate Tunnel Under Santa Fe $1,900,000
Elevators (8 each) $2,800,000
Interior Architectural Finishes, Woodwork $5,000,000
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, & Fire Prot. (central plant, underfloor distribution, $24,000,000
emergency generator, HVAC, electrical)                     
Subtotal $126,000,000
Other Project Costs:
Court AV/Security/IT $15,500,000
Design/Consulting (Arch/Eng., security, testing, etc.) $29,500,000
Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment & Other $7,000,000
Relocate Rooftop Emergency Communications $1,300,000
Demolition Existing Building $2,100,000
Courtyard Development $600,000
Subtotal $56,000,000
Total Project Cost $182,000,000



The alternative to building a new courthouse is based off of a 2009 study presented to the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners during a Committee of the Whole session on October 22, 2009. This study evaluated the viability of continued use of the existing courthouse. The least costly option in this 2009 study included a four-story addition on the south side of the courthouse and included renovation to the existing facility. This option indicated six stages of construction occurring over 13 years.

This alternative to a new courthouse did not fully address systemic inadequacies with the existing facility such as ADA, security, circulation separation, and the addition of waiting & meeting space. Should a new courthouse not be approved, County staff will need to revisit this alternative to update the scope of work, via a concept development study, and re-evaluate the total cost of this alternative. Costs for this approach are expected to exceed those estimated in 2009.

Phase Courthouse major cost components Cost
Study Concept design / re-scoping $500,000
1 New building addition - 4 courtrooms & shell space (177K SF) $84,500,000
2 Remodel 8 courtrooms, sheriff dispatch, JIMS $38,500,000
3 Remodel courtrooms, office area $24,000,000
4 Remodel courtrooms on 1,2,3 $12,000,000
5 Relocate functions to shell space in addition $43,500,000
6 Remodel remaining courtrooms in tower $12,500,000
  Total Project Cost $215,500,000
Table showing cost of courthouse and coroner facility