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From the County’s southwest corner where the intermodal and Logistics Park are expected to generate 14,000 jobs and $1.4 billion, to the northeast region where excitement is building over the anticipated fall 2014 completion of IKEA Merriam, it’s a great time to do business in Johnson County. Over the last 15 years, Johnson County has provided more jobs than any other county in Kansas. Fueled by stellar regional universities and local colleges, a metro-wide focus on entrepreneurship, easy access to transportation and a strong Midwestern work ethic, Johnson County’s economy has created a net increase of 2,800 private sector employers over the past 10 years.

Business News

Johnson County Government Office Closures

In observance of Memorial Day, Johnson County Government offices will be closed on Monday, May 25, 2015. Offices will be open for business again on Tuesday, May 26, 2015.

Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) Airport Study Survey

The Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) is conducting a study to evaluate various aspects of public-use general aviation airports in a nine-county area centered on Kansas City.  General aviation aircraft are often used by businesses to improve their efficiency, and flights on general aviation aircraft often support a wide variety of health, welfare, and safety activities. As such, the MARC study seeks to document how businesses, residents, and others use the area’s general aviation airports. MARC's survey flyer and survey link will be available online http://MARC.User.sgizmo.com/s3/.  The survey will be online until June 30, 2015

Johnson County Airport Commission Board Meeting - Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Johnson County Airport Commission Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 27, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. in the Board Room of the Johnson County Airport Commission, One New Century Parkway, New Century, Kansas.

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Like and/or Follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/jocoairportcommission. Want to know what's happening at the Johnson County Airport Commission, download the latest board meeting agenda and minutes at www.jocogov.org/dept/airport-commission/commission.

T-Hangar Tenant & Waiting List Contact Updates for 2015

The Johnson County Airport Commission is currently updating the t-hangar contact and waiting list information for 2015.  You may update your contact information online, fax the completed form to (913) 715-6008, or mail to One New Century Parkway, New Century, KS 66031.  Please respond by Tuesday, June 15, 2015.  If you have any questions please contact us at (913) 715-6000. 

Residential market continues to rebound

Our Office of the County Appraiser’s study of the residential market indicates the market has continued to rebound with 90 percent of the properties increasing in value for 2015. That’s based on a review of more than 16,500 residential sales. Apartment rents and occupancy levels continue to increase.  New apartment construction reached approximately 2,000 units in 2014.

Overall, commercial real estate values improved, but the recovery is slower for office and retail values.

  • The industrial market has improved with completion of the intermodal rail and ongoing construction of storage facilities. Expectations for construction remain strong as the expansion, or phase two, of the intermodal had been publicized.
  • Office building values are increasing. Office occupancy slightly improved for both southern and northern parts of the County.
  • Retail development is returning and notably along some major thoroughfares. Restaurant and retail banks remain strong

You can read more on the Appraiser’s web site.

A new computer lab for Project SEARCH

Our Project SEARCH interns will be able to practice their work skills even more at their new computer lab thanks to UnitedHealthcare who donated seven laptop computers! Today this group of interns had a great time unpacking their computers, plugging them in and setting them up.

Johnson County Developmental Supports, along with many other partners, introduced Project SEARCH to the County last fall. JCDS staff provides job coaching to interns who have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. They receive real world work experience rotating through County departments such as Human Resources, Records and Tax Administration, the County Manager’s Office and the Sunflower Café.

In 2012, UnitedHealthcare launched the Community Computers program to help create computer labs that give underserved people in the community convenient access to the Internet. To date, UnitedHealthcare has donated more than 2,000 computers in 14 states.

Billing Change for JCW Customers in 2014

In January 2014, Johnson County Wastewater completed a multi-year conversion of its billing method to a unified rate model. This means that the current wastewater bills look similar to other utility bills such as water, gas, and electric and is now in line with industry best practices. The current Johnson County Wastewater charge reflects both the costs to operate its system and to invest/reinvest in the capital improvements necessary to operate the system.

In 2013, the capital cost was a uniform rate; all single family residences were charged the same capital amount, regardless of the impact they had on the system.  This charge appeared as Capital Charge (EDU) on the bimonthly bill and was $24.76 bimonthly. Prior to 2013, this charge appeared as a line item titled WASTEWTR CAP on the real estate tax statement.

Under the unified rate model, both operation and capital charges are based on a fixed Service Charge to provide customer service, and a variable Volume Charge based on the volume of water used and discharged to the sanitary sewer system for treatment.

In 2014, Johnson County Wastewater implemented an overall revenue requirement (expenses) increase of 6.5 percent. The amount customers are billed varies from one customer to the next as it is based on their Average Winter Water Usage (AWWU). Those who have a greater impact on the sanitary sewer system will now pay more than those who contribute less. The following table demonstrates how the components of the wastewater bill changed from 2013 to 2014:

2013 Charges:

  • Service Charge (SC):
    • Operations portion of SC = $5.40
    • Capital portion of SC = $0.00
  • Volume Charge:
    • Operations portion of vol. charge = $2.67/1,000 gallons ($0.00267 per gal.)
    • Capital portion of vol. charge = $0.00
  • Capital Charge:
    • EDU fixed capital charge = $148  ($24.67 per bi-monthly bill)

2014 Charges:

  • Service Charge (SC):
    • O&M portion of SC = $6.33
    • Capital portion of SC= $5.73
  • Volume Charge:
    • O&M portion of vol. charge = $3.27/1,000 gallons ($0.00327 per gal.)
    • Capital portion of vol. charge = $2.24/1,000 gallons ($0.00224 per gal.)

(Please note that Johnson County does not provide tax advice to its customers regarding the deductibility or non-deductibility of its utility charges for federal or state income tax purposes, and advises customers to consult their CPA or other tax professional regarding proper treatment of such charges.)