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Recap of public hearing on the 2016 proposed budget

On Monday evening the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) held its public hearing on the proposed 2016 budget.  We had more than 100 people show up and it was very positive to see that many people interested and engaged in this topic.

During the meeting, 35 people came to the podium and shared their thoughts either in support or against our proposed 2016 budget which includes the first mill levy increase since 2006. About 2/3 of them supported the increase and how it will improve our libraries, parks and transit system.

Today, the BOCC heard a recap of the public hearing and had the chance to ask a few follow up questions as commissioners continue to deliberate next year’s budget. They are scheduled to vote on the adoption of the 2016 budget on August 13 at their regular business session.

If you missed the hearing, you can view the video of that session or read the following news stories.

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