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Increased funding approved for Johnson County Parks, Libraries and Transit System

Today, the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners brought forward the proposed FY 2016 maximum budget totaling $928,702,770. After today, the 2016 budgeted expenditures can be decreased, but not increased. You can read a lot of the detail on this budget in our news release.

The BOCC heard Requests for Additional Resources (RARs) over that last few weeks and approved a 2016 budget authority requiring $14,795,584 in additional funding.

The BOCC approved budget authority for the following transit-related activities.

  • Adding new regional connections along key bus routes from Metcalf Avenue and 75th Streets. Expanded routes would take riders to and from the Renner Ridge Corporate Center, Corporate Woods, Johnson County Community College, Corbin Park, PrairieFire and KU Medical Center. Some routes would also get more frequent stops and longer hours.
  • Using the $455,000 in savings from the management consolidation with KCATA towards increasing the Special Edition service for riders who are 65 or older, meet low-income guidelines or have a disability, and allow their trips to be expanded from just medical-related purposes.
  • A pilot program for selling vouchers to be used for taxi service that could be used outside The JO’s operating hours.

Funding for $1,495,000 would require an estimated .178 mills. An additional $100,000 will come from ATA grant funding.

Johnson County Park & Recreation District (JCPRD)
The BOCC approved $6,314,245 in new 2016 funding for implementation of the JCPRD 15-year strategic master plan that would open five new parks at various phases, develop approximately 30 miles of new Streamway Trails, and make improvements to existing parks.

Funding would require an estimated .75 mills.

Johnson County Library (JCL)

The BOCC approved $5,241,339 in new 2016 for partial implementation of the Johnson County Library (JCL) 20-year comprehensive master plan that includes building new branches in Western Shawnee and south Blue Valley, relocating the Lackman branch in Lenexa, replacing / modernizing other branches, and creating a new Operations Center to increase circulation efficiency.

Funding for the $5,241,339 would require an estimated .75 mills.

The County Manager’s 2016 proposed budget includes a recommended 1.622 mill levy increase to maintain current services levels. If you add the .178, .75 and .75 mills, you come to a proposed increase of 3.3 mills for 2016. How would that impact our residents?

For non-Olathe residents (including the .75 mill increase for JCL)

  • Owner of a $150,000 home would pay $4.75 a month more than 2015.
  • Owner of a $261,000 home (the average Johnson County home) would pay $8.26 more a month than 2015.
  • Owner of a $400,000 home would pay $12.66 more a month than 2015.

For Olathe residents: (because you have your own library system, you aren’t included in the JCL taxing district.)

  • Owner of a $150,000 home would pay $3.67 a month more than 2015.
  • Owner of a $261,000 home would pay $6.38 more a month than 2015.
  • Owner of a $400,000 home would pay $9.78 more a month than 2015.

Today in addition to setting the maximum budget expenditure for the 2016 budget, the BOCC also set the public hearing on the proposed budget for 7 p.m. Monday, July 27 in the BOCC Hearing Room located on the third floor of the Johnson County Administration Building, 111 South Cherry Street, in downtown Olathe.

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 11:30am
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