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Know when and where to celebrate with fireworks

Families across Johnson County will celebrate the Fourth of July holiday with picnics, gatherings of family members and friends, outings to lake beaches and parks, neighborhood barbecues, and of course, fireworks.

In the State of Kansas, consumer (Class C) fireworks are legal with the exception of bottle rockets, which are banned throughout the state.  In support of the statewide ban, no cities or communities in Johnson County allow the use of bottle rockets.

The state authorizes local jurisdictions to enact and enforce their own fireworks ordinances.

According to Johnson County regulations, fireworks, including sparklers, are illegal without a permit in all unincorporated (rural) areas of the county. If you live within city limits, please check with your city to find out if fireworks are permitted there. 

Johnson County Sheriff’s Office deputies will patrol all unincorporated areas of the county over the holiday weekend; people caught illegally using or selling fireworks will be subject to fines. The Sheriff’s Office also provides law enforcement services for the cities of De Soto and Edgerton.

Local police departments enforce fireworks regulations within their cities during the holiday period.