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Citizen satisfaction levels continue to go up

Each year, we ask for input on how we're doing as a county government through a community survey. Our residents gave Johnson County a 97 percent satisfaction rating as a place to live, a 96 percent satisfaction rating as a place to raise children and a 90 percent satisfaction rating as a place to work.

All of these numbers are up from last year. In fact, they are well above the ratings of similar size communities across the nation and well above the national average.

The survey, conducted by ETC Institute in Olathe, selected random households by mail and phone. A total of 1,644 men and women of all ages from across the county responded.

Surveyed residents gave the county a 95 percent satisfaction level for quality of life, 95 percent for overall image of the county, 92 percent for public safety and 86 percent for overall quality of county service, the latter of which represents a 2 percent increase from 2016 and is 41 percent above the satisfaction level of counties in similar size communities in the U.S. Ninety-one percent of those surveyed indicated an overall feeling of safety in the county.

For more survey results including information on specific county departments, check out the online report.