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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Use this day to enjoy the natural environment, be thankful for our beautiful planet, and do something to improve it. Here's a list of some great Earth Day activities that you can participate in today, and every day:

  • Start a garden or plant native plants: get your soil tested by Johnson County K-State Extension Office
  • Get a bicycle to cut down on short trips in the car and enjoy the exercise
  • Start a backyard compost pile. Here's how>
  • Recycle your old and unwanted household chemicals, paint, and stains at the Johnson County Household Hazardous Waste site
  • Reduce your home energy usage: start by checking your appliances, and rent a Kill-A-Watt meter from Johnson County Library
  • Start a recycling program at your work, school, or place of worship. Johnson County Department of Health and Environment can help>
  • Eat local and support local food producers: check out one of the several Farmer’s Markets in Johnson County
  • Recycle More with RecycleSpot and Mid-American Regional Council
  • Follow Johnson County Recycles on Facebook and Twitter for info about being green in Johnson County all year.
  • Help keep Johnson County’s air clean: put gas in your car at night when possible and always stop at the click
  • Practice green lawn care: conserve water by watering at night and only when  you need to, make sure your automatic sprinklers aren’t running while it’s raining, mow high and let it lie & never put leaves or grass clippings in the storm drain.  
  • Start carpooling
  • Learn more about nature and other animal life at the Ernie Miller Nature Center
  • Take a walk at the Johnson County Arboritum
  • Turn off a light
  • Conserve water in your house: take shorter showers, turn off the faucet before you walk away