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The Jo bus

JoCo Transit, KCATA one step closer to management consolidation

Efforts to consolidate transit management in the region took another step forward on Thursday when the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners voted to approve the Interlocal Cooperation Agreement for Transit Management and Administration. The agreement will consolidate Johnson County Transit and the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority and develop a more regional public transit system.

Johnson County Transportation Council passed a motion to consolidate services with a unanimous vote on December 2, 2014. The final essential vote is expected to take place at the KCATA Board of Commissioners meeting on Dec. 17.

Approximately six months ago, the Johnson County Transportation Council (JCTC) and the Board of County Commissioners joined KCATA to discuss opportunities for greater integration of operations and management. A joint staff study group prepared a final report indicating a number of significant, positive outcomes in support of management consolidation including an approximate savings of $455,000 for Johnson County.

The major component of the savings are personnel costs, which result directly from KCATA utilizing existing staff, in addition to several new staffing functions.