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Safehome a beacon of hope for domestic abuse victims

Domestic violence spans all social-economic demographics, all ages, and all different types of lifestyles, religions, races, and ethnicities. It affects both the rich and the poor. Safehome provides a confidential, safe, and healing atmosphere for all of them. The domestic violence shelter helped 8,767 victims through its services in 2013.

For 30 years, Safehome has served as a beacon of hope and safety for victims of domestic violence since opening its first shelter with 15 beds. A new facility, which opened in 2006, houses 45 women and children. The shelter often is filled to capacity and beyond, but no one is turned away in time of crisis or need. The shelter finds a place for every woman and child who seeks help. Victims range from newborns to teens, mothers of all ages, and occasionally victims of elder abuse.

In 2013, 172 women and 139 children were sheltered at Safehome, totaling 16,421 “safe nights.” The average stay was 50 days.

The facility, however, is more than a shelter. Services at Safehome include:

  • operating a 24-7 hotline that received 4,256 calls in 2013
  • counseling to 1,141 women and children last year
  • spearheading domestic violence advocacy in Johnson County and Miami County courts
  • offering on-call support for victims being treated in local hospitals, helping 212 clients in 2013
  • assisting 987 clients last year in Johnson County District Court
  • providing prevention education in the community and schools, serving 20,402 people, including 6,342 students, in 2013.

Services also include a Latina Outreach program that assisted 355 clients last year. Safehome staff includes six bilingual employees.

In 2013, the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office filed 1,640 cases of domestic violence. Two domestic violence homicides occurred last year along with one attempted homicide. Through early September this year, 1,109 domestic violence cases have been filed. None involved homicides.

Each stat, each case represents a real person – a mother or grandmother, children or grandchildren, a friend, co-worker, or perhaps a neighbor. Most victims of domestic violence do not make the TV news or headlines but they can all seek help at Safehome.

24-Hour Crisis Hotline: 913-262-2868